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Long Lasting Ceramic When installed and maintained properly, will last for the life of your home.

Low Maintenance Ceramic cleans easily with a neutral floor cleaner.

Virtually Unlimited Designs Ceramic offers a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns.

Stands Up to High Traffic Extremely durable ceramic is an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

Great Investment Although ceramic is harder to install than other flooring, it is an investment that pays off, increasing the value of your home.

Ceramic Considerations

Difficult to Install Professional installation is highly recommended, and can be expensive.

May Chip or Crack Ceramic's hardness makes it susceptible to chipping or cracking from impact.

Hard, Unforgiving Surface Ceramic is not easy on breakable objects or muscles and joints. Plates and glass may break; knees and elbows may bruise from falls; and standing on a very hard floor can cause muscle fatigue.

Colder Perception Ceramic may feel cooler to the touch than other floor types, in low-temperature environments.

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